Media Release: Brown calls for immediate logging halt in Swift Parrot horror

The plight of the critically endangered Swift Parrot, as outlined by Australian National University researchers and published in Animal Conservation today, is horrific, Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

The news came as Bob Brown Foundation’s challenge to Tasmania’s Regional Forest Agreement began before the full bench of the Federal Court.

"Whereas a decade ago there was alarm at the estimates of 1000 pairs of remaining Swift Parrots, the news of ‘less than 300’ is notice of a death spiral. And a chief villain here is the Tasmanian government’s logging of the parrots’ nesting sites; the flattening and incineration of native forests at the expense of jobs in the island’s burgeoning tourism and hospitality industries. Taxpayers are having their pockets robbed to pay for the forests and these birds’ destruction.”

“In this era of the human-induced extinction crisis, this deliberate extinguishment of a species’ right to exist is appalling and unforgivable,” Bob Brown said.

Brown called for an immediate halt to logging of Tasmania’s native forests until and unless the spiral to extinction of the Swift Parrot and other wildlife species is reversed.

"This is a wildlife emergency and Premier Gutwein will send these parrots to extinction unless action is taken immediately. All Swift Parrot habitat here in Tasmania and elsewhere in Australia, including potential habitat, breeding and foraging habitat, must be no go zones for logging and any other destructive practice that destroys the habitat of this critically endangered species on the brink of extinction,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Releasing footage and photographs of Swift Parrots in Tasmania’s eastern tiers from last week, our citizen science project found logging in Swift Parrot habitat and documented parrots in permanent logging zones,” Jenny Weber said

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  • Winifred Macdonald
    commented 2020-12-02 16:41:31 +1100
    The critically endangered swift parrot is a harbinger of the many species that have become extinct or are now threatened with extinction due to destruction of habitat in the pursuit of profit for human ventures. This pattern has been exacerbated by the increased danger of bushfires—as seen in Australia and elsewhere in the world. Our planet environment is a wonderful mesh of supporting ecological processes, each dependent on the functioning of many others. Our human existence on this planet is no different from that of other species. The destruction of the fabric of this mesh threatens not only wildlife and the swift parrots, but all forms of life on earth.