Media Release: Bob Brown Foundation stays Swift Parrot logging.

Forestry Tasmania gives Federal Court commitment not to log 19 coupes of Swift Parrot habitat.

In the biggest breakthrough for the conservation of Tasmania’s remaining native forests since 170,000 hectares was protected as World Heritage in 2013, Forestry Tasmania has given the Federal Court a commitment it will not log Swift Parrot habitat as planned in the coming year.

“This is a significant win for endangered species in Tasmania’s wild forests in this age of human-caused extinction,” Bob Brown said. “It is also a tribute to the determined integrity of the doyen of Swift Parrot science, Dr Matt Webb who has been courageously endeavouring to protect these birds for decades. And it is vindication for our foundation, backed by thousands of supporters, in taking action against Forestry Tasmania, backed by environment ministers in Hobart and Canberra. They would have been logging the nesting and feeding sites of one of the most endangered creatures under their care.”

“We will be abroad in the Tasmanian forests, as friends of the Swifties, to make sure no other forests they depend upon are destroyed by the loggers under agreement from these compliant environment ministers.”

“This is a case of community action doing the job of ineffective and disinterested ministers who neither understand nor care about their duty to protect Australia’s fragile and disintegrating wildlife habitats. Nor do they understand the enormous public opinion which will gain great relief from today’s court outcomes for a native species threatened with extinction."

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