Media Release: Tarkine Rainforest Protest Accelerates

On the forty sixth day of protests, ten takayna defenders have re-entered the site of MMG's proposed tailings dam, locking down one gate and two machines on the site.

Record breaking protests have escalated over the past six weeks with fifty four people arrested so far. Today's protestors have expressed their motivations for taking action in defence of ancient rainforest.

"There are so few unspoiled places like this left in the world, and it’s horrible to think that one of them is being desecrated like this for corporate convenience. I can’t let myself sit by and do nothing while this rainforest is being torn down", said teacher's aide Darcy Wright (19).

"I’m here to defend takayna and honour its need to live on. We cannot let it suffer this way, and no amount of money can make up for defacing it. It’s heartbreaking to see how our perception changes with greed, have we forgotten how special this rainforest is?", said hospitality worker Stella McGill (18).

"I am here defending takayna because I believe in the protection and preservation of beautiful pristine wild places such as this World Heritage value rainforest of such ecological, environmental and cultural value. I am standing up for my future at a critical time of climate change and am horrified that the government is still supporting environmental destruction for corporate gain", said tour guide Sakura Woods (19).

"You only have to drive through this region to feel truly touched by its beauty. I am here today to protect this special rainforest for the young people and future generations. There is an abundance of flora and fauna to be protected here. The threat of losing this beautiful place is too hard to bear, we have to stand up and say no more, too many sacrifices have been made already", said social worker Jacinta Rush-Armstrong (29).

Yesterday, Bob Brown met with Environment Minister Sussan Ley to alert her to the impacts on threatened species and rainforests that this foolhardy project poses, and urged her to put the environment first and require MMG to abandon plans to situate its tailings dam in takayna/Tarkine and explore alternate options.

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