Media Release: Tasmanian ALP Backs Dangerous Logging in a Climate and Biodiversity Crisis - McKay Timber linked to controversial imported timber

In Tasmanian Parliament today, Labor’s Shane Broad backed in the ongoing destruction of native forests and endangered species habitat this morning on behalf of all of the ALP with a number of misleading comments. In a repeated failure by Tasmania’s Labor and Liberal government to lead on a plantation industry and transition out of native forest logging, a move that would give job security to the 1100 people employed to destroy native forests.

“To counter some of the misleading comments today parliament, the native forests of Tasmania currently being logged in Wentworth Hills and supplied to McKay Timber, the site of a large protest yesterday, is ‘old growth’ according to the Regional Forest Agreement. The threat of imported timbers or contentious Asian logging practices to Tasmania is already here with McKay Timber importing highly controversial Merbau timber and two Borneo logging giants escorted into Tasmania and propped up by taxpayer funds by the Labor and Liberal parties. Shane Broad’s fudging of the ‘Tasmania has net zero emissions’ is also misleading while we import coal-fired power and log and then burn native forests at a cost to the climate,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Shane Broad represents all of the ALP when he backs ongoing native forest logging in a climate emergency and global extinction crisis. Shane Broad is a poor mirror image of Tasmania’s logging minister Guy Barnett. On forests, Labor is turning out to be a Liberal Lite and clawing back their place as the native forest destroying party. This is the ALP backing the destruction of Tasmania’s native forests exempt from national environment laws, an exemption system, the RFA that has been found ineffective at protecting threatened species,” Jenny Weber said.

“The McKay Timber family that Labor backs is one of the wealthiest logging empires in Tasmania, buying out the small sawmillers across the state. But there wasn’t a whimper from the ALP when the McKays closed their Tasmanian mills and stood aside its workforce for its own financial reasons in 2012,” Environmentalist Bob Brown said.

“Tasmania’s political leaders in Government and the ALP continue to lock in an environmentally and climate damaging logging industry at the cost to taxpayers when there is a viable alternative. Australia has more than enough plantations to meet its wood needs,” Jenny Weber said.

“Bob Brown Foundation advocates for a plantation-based forestry industry, using Australia’s vast plantation estate that already exists and no new plantations are established,” Jenny Weber said.

“Comments by the ALP’s Shane Broad that our Foundation wants to replace the Tasmanian native forest logging industry with timber from contentious logging practices in other countries is false. McKay Timber are already doing that for Dr Broad. It is McKay Timber that lists on their website they already import timber from SE Asia and Asia, namely the highly controversial Merbau timber that is “near threatened” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). It is up to McKay Timber to rule out sourcing their Merbau timber from Orangutan habitat and Indonesian forest destruction,” Jenny Weber said.

“It is also Shane Broad’s ALP and the Tasmanian Government who have backed in highly contentious Borneo logging giant’s Ta Ann and Shin Yang into the destruction of this island’s native forests. We have opposed this Tasmanian shameful political backing environmentally damaging and indigenous people’s human rights violations all along,” Jenny Weber said


Image from McKay timber website promoting Merbau timber

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