Media Release: Eight forest defenders charged during Tasmanian sawmill shutdown.

"Twenty-seven forests defenders arrived at one of the largest sawmills in Tasmania this morning, halting the operation of a mill which is trashing native forests from across the state. Eight of these brave people were charged, taking a stand for the majority of Australians who want to see this archaic logging industry end, just as whaling was ended. It's an outdated practice in a time of climate emergency. It’s time to end native forest logging," said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager.

"What we saw today at McKay's sawmill were the remnants of endangered species habitat, ripped out of living, thriving forests. McKay's is one of the biggest sawmills in Tasmania, driving the destruction of native forests across Tasmania for profit, at the expense of the climate, native animals and the community that wants logging stopped," said Jenny Weber.

"The early hours of this morning twenty-seven forest defenders entered the McKay’s timber mill, in southern Tasmania. We completely shut down this forest destroying mill. Several people locked onto a conveyor belt and the front gate, preventing access to the site. The action was done to show where our native forests are going. They are being fed through this mill to be turned into products that could be made from plantations," said Dr Lisa Searle, Bob Brown Foundation's Native Forest Campaign Organiser.

"With this protest, and the others over the last few months, we are seeing an escalation in the campaign against native forests logging. More and more people are standing up and putting themselves on the line to defend Tasmania's forests. These people are heroes," Dr Lisa Searle.

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  • Adam Burling
    published this page in Media Releases 2021-03-01 14:19:15 +1100