‘I will join the peaceful campaign to take on the profit-before-planet Adani empire.’ - Bob Brown

The latest Adani coal mine plan presents the same global environmental threat as the original plan to extract the same amount of coal, burn it and pollute the planet’s biosphere, environmentalist Bob Brown said today.

“This plan prolongs the agony of this megamine pouring billions of tonnes of polluting carbon into our one planet Earth’s single atmosphere, that’s all. The end result will be the same needless worsening of global warming and impact on the Great Barrier Reef, skifields and Muuray-Darling croplands whether the coal is burnt in Australia, India or Timbuktu,” Brown said.

“Media reports on the mine proceeding indicate the decision is all about profiteering and nothing to do with the environment, Aboriginal rights or intergenerational equity. Whatever the perceived profits for billionaire Guatam Adani, this project is morally bankrupt for planet Earth and its peoples. I will be joining in the peaceful campaign to take on the profit-before-planet Adani empire in our own country.”

Further information: Jenny Weber, [email protected]


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