The Bob Brown Foundation yesterday applied in the Federal Court for an injunction to stop Sustainable Timbers Tasmania destroying the feeding and breeding trees essential to Tasmania’s critically endangered Swift parrot.

If granted, the injunction would stop Sustainable Timbers Tasmania from logging the coupes of forest vital to the Swift parrot for nesting and for feeding on the nectar of its favoured eucalypt blossoms.

The Swift parrot is the fastest parrot on Earth and, with the critically endangered Orange-bellied parrot which also migrates from the mainland to Tasmania each year to breed, is the only migratory parrot on the planet. It is currently flying over Bass Strait to breed in Tasmania’s coastal forests after over-wintering in Victorian and New South Wales woodlands

“Just days after David Attenborough’s heart-rending appeal to humanity not to destroy Earth’s natural realm, this action is taken because we believe that STT is acting illegally. It is unnecessarily destroying the very trees the Swift parrot needs to nest and regenerate,” Bob Brown said. “And with the Federal Government’s own appointed inquirer, Graeme Samuel, pointing to the failure of legislation being used to protect nature, here is a test of our ability to halt the greatest onrush of extinctions in human history.”

Meanwhile the foundation is also embarking on a nationwide publicity and political campaign to end the logging in all of Australia’s publicly-owned native forests. These contain many endangered bird, animal, insect and plant species. “Our aim is to help get the public much more active to save its remaining native forests which are so critical for the survival of Australia’s species like the Baudin cockatoo, the koala, Leadbeater’s possum and the Swift parrot. Australia has enough plantations to meet its wood needs,” the foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“The Australian Native Forest Declaration is the first of its kind in our nation.  It is an urgent call to the Prime Minister, Opposition leader and all our Federal parliamentarians to use Commonwealth power’s to protect our nation’s native forests and their wildlife with secure and permanent protection,”  Jenny Weber said.

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