After nine weeks of being locked out by mining company MMG and more than seventy people arrested for defending Australia’s largest temperate rainforests, sixty four people have today participated in an ‘open day’.

Bob Brown Foundation has rejoiced as citizens drove down the contentious road and walked into the ancient threatened rainforests in Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine.

“The public has been locked out of these public rainforests so a Chinese state-owned mining company can destroy hundreds of hectares of rainforests, eucalyptus and melaleuca forests for a heavy metals tailings waste dump,” Bob Brown Foundations Jenny Weber said.

“Today people of all ages were in awe of these threatened ancient rainforests, as we passed by tall myrtles, ferns that are hundreds of years old and ancient sassafras, flowering in winter,” Jenny Weber said.

“Elsewhere in takayna / Tarkine, twenty people visited the Que forests threatened by logging by Forestry Tasmania’s three year logging plans. Many who participated in the Que forests open day were arrested in the past nine weeks and therefore on bail conditions restricting their access to the MMG target forests,” Jenny Weber said.

“Today we send a message to MMG and Forestry Tasmania who want to destroy takayna and the Governments who are failing to grant it secure protection. We have reclaimed takayna today, we are not going anywhere and we are stronger than ever, building a movement that is calling for secure protection for one of the last wild places on Earth,” Jenny Weber said.

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