Media Release: Tasmanian government to close iconic Styx Valley.

The Bob Brown Foundation has condemned plans to close the Styx Valley tourist road west of Maydena, near Mt Field, for logging. The foundation is calling on Premier Gutwein to cancel the planned closure of the Valley of the Giants, for weeks if not months, as the summer tourism season nears.

“A lock-out from the Styx Valley while destroying the very thing tourists come to see is outrageous in Tasmania in 2020. Under ministerial direction, Sustainable Timber Tasmania plans to clearfell and incinerate forest adorning the entrance to this World Heritage valley. There will be lifeless, smouldering ruins, right to the roadside gutter,” Bob Brown said.

Bob Brown has written to Premier Gutwein asking him to can the road closure and logging.

“Tasmania’s Styx Valley is world-renowned as the Valley of the Giants. It is Tasmania’s premier tall forest showplace. The planned steep cable clearfell logging of ‘coupe TN034G’ is made worse by government plans to lock the public out. They will obliterate some of the world’s most majestic flowering plants, along with their wildlife - for woodchips for China and peeler logs for Malaysian logging corporations in Tasmania. It is absurd to be locking up this iconic valley while Tasmania’s tourism industry is hemorrhaging,” BBF Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Before the destructive cable logger and chainsaws arrive Premier Gutwein should override the plans to log more of the world’s tallest flowering plants, the Eucalyptus Regnans. We will defend this place from the chainsaws which are set to come at any time,” Bob Brown Foundation Activist, Erik Hayward said.

“It is time to end this savage destruction to our climate coffers. In the forests and on the streets we will defend Tasmania’s timeless forests from the outdated insanity of clearfell cable logging. We will not be silenced,” Erik Hayward said.


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  • Anne Watson
    commented 2020-12-31 18:48:31 +1100
    It is crazy to be burning wood that could be used. It’s also crazy to be cutting down the very thing that provides us with oxygen especially when it uses up carbon dioxide that affects the ozone layer and climate change.