Protests at the proposed site of a tailings dam in takayna/Tarkine have entered a third week.

The Bob Brown Foundation's peaceful protest was visited this morning by state MP's Cassy O'Connor and Rosalie Woodruff.

"People are flocking to this site to stand against this destructive and unnecessary attack on the National and World Heritage values of takayna/Tarkine", said takayna/Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

"Australians want this area protected, not plundered".

 Gabby Knox (26) has chained herself to a gate preventing access to machinery used in clearing rainforest.

"I'm 26, I'm a zoology graduate, vet nurse, and wildlife carer. I'm passionate about conservation of our threatened species particularly in our rainforests which are currently being destroyed", said Gabby.

"In this day and age, we should not still have to be fighting for the protection of our precious ecosystems. We are so lucky in tassie to have one of the largest cool temperate rainforests in the world and it is absolutely necessary that this space be protected".

This is day 15 of daily protests against MMG mining company clearing of rainforests for geotechnical drilling.


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