Media Release: Police Commisioner must conduct full and thorough investigation into alleged tree spiking

Bob Brown Foundation has written today to Tasmania Police Commissioner, Darren Hine, seeking a meeting and indicating that we intend to press for a full investigation into reported incidents of alleged tree spikes in logs at the Karanja and McKay sawmills.

"We have a proud record of non-violent forest protest in Tasmania and unequivocally condemn the use of violence or the threat of violence. Our Foundation has today condemned this alleged incident without reservation," said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager.

"We have written to the Police Commissioner to ask that any investigation looks at all possibilities as to who perpetrated this incident and not just listen to the logging industry and its supporters," she said.

"Bob Brown Foundation has been the direct and indirect target of the accusations relating to this tree spiking incident. As is always the case in Tasmania, the timber industry and political representatives of both the Government and opposition parties have been quick to point the finger at forest protesters in spite of the lack of evidence or any history of the use of tree spikes in Tasmania," she said

In Tasmania, there is a long history, spanning more thirty years of false allegations against forest conservationists ranging from planting a bomb (Black River 1993) to tree spiking and vandalism of machinery. All have been false. Where the perpetrators have been identified, motives have ranged from insurance fraud, infighting between contractors and disaffected forestry workers acting out of malice. In 1995 Superintendent Haldane from the Bairnsdale CIB in Victoria cautioned police officers against jumping to conclusions that environmentalists would be to blame for damage to equipment. In cases over recent years in Victoria concerning criminal damage to logging equipment, the guilty parties were rival logging contractors,” concluded Ms Weber.

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