Bob Brown Foundation today has called again for a halt to plans to build a giant concrete airport in Antarctica, now we have the RSV NUYINA.

With the arrival of Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker, RSV NUYINA, the Australian Antarctic Division needs to prioritise science without the environmental damage of a disastrous airport on the ice continent.

“The RSV NUYINA is a state-of-the-art vessel that will positively contribute to Antarctic science,” said Antarctic campaigner Alistair Allan.

“By comparison, pouring 115,000 tonnes of concrete over seal and penguin habitat to build a concrete airport in Antarctica is a terrible idea that does nothing to advance science and everything to degrade the magnificent ice continent.”

“The science community has warmly welcomed the arrival of the RSV NUYINA and so do we, however, it is almost impossible to find an Antarctic scientist that supports the plans to build this enormous airport in the Vestfold hills, East Antarctica, for good reason.”

“If this industrial airport is built, it will cause irreversible harm to the unique ecology of Antarctica. It will set a dangerous precedent for future destructive developments in Antarctica, and it will cost billions of dollars of public money.”

“Judging by the excitement and buzz around the arrival of the RSV NUYINA, it is clear Tasmanians care about Antarctica. With their motto of “valued, protected and understood,” it is now up to the Australian Antarctic Division to stand by their words and meet the expectations of all Australians to protect Antarctica, not destroy the homes of penguins and seals for an airport that we don’t need.”

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  • Adam Burling
    published this page in Media Releases 2021-10-16 12:05:09 +1100