Most Australians support ban on logging on Bruny Island

Media Release 10 Nov 2015

Swift Parrot. Photo: Dejan Stojanovic

Bob Brown Foundation has called for an end to logging of all Swift Parrot breeding habitat and for these forests to be placed in National Park reserves.  

"Bruny Island is the Swift Parrots’ last safe substantial nesting place. We have released a national poll which found the majority of Australians support banning logging on Bruny Island," Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

"Swift Parrots cannot sustain any further habitat loss. Forestry Tasmania are scheduled to recommence logging on Bruny Island in February 2016 and it should be ruled out," Jenny Weber said.

Calling on the Federal Government to take action, Bob Brown said, "The Federal Government ultimately has responsibility for critically endangered species. I call on Prime Minister Turnbull to halt the logging planned by Forestry Tasmania on Bruny Island."

"Last week the Swift Parrot was listed as critically endangered by International Union for Conservation of Nature, which made recommendations that all places on public land that support Swift Parrots should be placed in secure protection. Important breeding habitat, ranging from the east coast to Wielangta and Bruny Island and down to the southern forests, needs to be put into secure reserves to remove the threat of extinction for the Swift Parrot," Jenny Weber said.

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Attached: Findings of national Galaxy poll (PDF)

Swift Parrot. Photo: Henry Cook

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