Tarkine in Motion Monday Updates

Today we heard from many of our artists who had been remotely located through the Tarkine, and were returning from the wilderness. One of the overwhelming feelings while on location in Arthur River for the Tarkine in Motion project was knowing that we had artists in very remote locations capturing the wild and scenic vast landscape.

Arwen, Andrea, Tom, Fraser, Geraldine and Francois had departed for Pieman Heads on Friday morning and came back on Sunday evening after trekking up the wild coastline.

"I've lived in Tasmania for over thirty years and have never been to the Tarkine except for a couple of drives along the rim many years ago. This weekend as part of the Tarkine in Motion project, I was responding to the landscape at Ruperts Point with sound and poetry. This experience has given me a deep and vibrant appreciation for this spectacular environment and diverse ecology. It has a history that constantly resonates and invites respect and stewardship. I am so appreciative for the opportunity to be part of this artists initiative to contribute to showing the Tarkine as a place to love and conserve," Andrea Breen

"There are few if any words that describe this place and how I feel being here. The Tarkine coast has a wild beauty that is immense and all-encompassing. I am deep in contemplation, wonder and aliveness. I humbly whisper my thanks to the Traditional Owners and their ancestors, my heart laden with sadness for the lives and lands lost. My eyes face the folded seams, dragon-teeth and ogre-shaped rocks. Giant waves roar and crash as they meet the shore. For me and my camera, THIS - being here - is privilege beyond measure." Arwen Dyer, Photographer

Tarkine coast. Photo: Arwen Dyer

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