Michelle Romeo - Julius River Rainforest Walk

Cyanotype photogram series
Takayna/Tarkine in Motion 2017
Julius River Rainforest walk

Sunforest 1. Michelle Romeo

Wandering through this ancient forest I fell in love.

The experience was all encompassing, sight, sound and smell combining for an exhilarating feast of the senses, food for the soul. 

Sunforest 2. Michelle Romeo

The foliage was omnipresent and I focused on the predominant forms and features surrounding me. 

Sunforest 3. Michelle Romeo

During my travels I collected botanical specimens that I then used to create a series of cyanotypes.

The samples were later exposed in the sun and washed in river water collected from the site. 

A splash of alchemy, art and science merging as one.

Michelle Romeo


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