McCann Bros. “ghost sign” restoration - Progress Update


The faded McCann Bros. music store sign advertising ‘Piano and Radio’ on terms of five shillings weekly was painted by Hobart signwriter Max Towell in the 1930s. It is on the south wall of the two-stories brick building ‘Loretto’ at the corner of Macquarie and Warneford Streets.


Bob Brown, whose foundation is refurbishing the sign after a long process of evaluation by state and city heritage authorities, has engaged Tasmanian Michael Bremer-Trainor to carry out the repainting. Bremer-Trainor has international experience in heritage restoration, including assisting the restoration of the Fraeunkirche (church) destroyed in the bombing of Dresden and the repair of Windsor Castle after severe fire damage.

Progress as of the 24th of November


Progress as of the 28th of November

For more information about the restoration please download our PDF here

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