Media Release: Veterinarian Colette Harmsen given suspended jail sentence over environmental protests

Dr Colette Harmsen, veterinarian and volunteer for Bob Brown Foundation, was sentenced in Hobart’s Magistrates Court for two protests against Venture's Riley Creek Mine and one protest against deforestation in Wentworth Hills.

Dr Colette Harmsen, 45, of Tinderbox, was given a suspended sentence of three months for her involvement in defending Tasmania's environment, wildlife and climate.

"It is a travesty that the law protects the environmental destroyers, not the protectors," she said.

"I have watched successive right-wing governments ignore scientists' warnings in favour of temporary gains and short term jobs and growth. Now it is up to ordinary, concerned people like myself to put their bodies on the front line to highlight the ongoing damage."

Dr Harmsen said that she would continue to fight for the environment.

"I will do whatever it takes to demand change by stopping the industries and businesses that continue as if they were doing nothing wrong."

Meanwhile, Forestry Tasmania failed to appear in court today in answer to a summons to produce documents regarding protests in takayna / Tarkine against MMG's proposed tailings dam.

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