Proud new initiative from the ‘Loo Crew’ at Falls Festival

Media Release 2 December 2016


This year, an exciting new initiative is taking place for The Bob Brown Foundation’s renowned ‘Loo Crew’ at The Falls Music & Arts Festival, a family friendly music festival held each year at the picturesque Marion Bay. The event runs from 29th December to the 1st January and last year attracted close to 14,000 patrons. The Bob Brown Foundation’s ‘Loo Crew’ is a volunteer task force set up to manage the 200 eco-composting toilets on the site.

‘Loo Crew’ Site Manager for the festival is Erik Hayward who has worked on the event for 8 years.  He says, “It's important to get the message across that we need to deal with our own waste. Flushing a toilet and turning our backs on the issue is only going to continue polluting our oceans and ever scarcer drinking water. Over 3 million litres of drinking water are saved over the 3 days. It’s not just about the staggering amount of water saved by using composting toilets, but it also recycles and composts the ‘humanure’ (compost from human waste).” 

Each year, approximately 8 tonnes of year-old decomposed ‘humanure’ from over 500 wheelie bins are stored on site to continue the composting process, eliminate nasty pathogens and promote good bacterial and fungal growth to break down the waste. This produces rich humus compost ready for growing plants. This year as a new initiative, the waste from previous festivals is being used to grow lavender in wicking beds made from 100% recycled materials from the Marion Bay site.  Although the growing lavender on the site is not yet ready for the 2016 Falls Festival, it will be harvested and dried for the following year, and added to the sawdust that each person puts in the toilet, setting off the sweet aroma scent of lavender oil. A natural eco-friendly chemical free, sustainable way to manage our human waste. The cycle continues. “This new initiative now sets an example of what we can create with such an abundant by-product. First lavender, then the world!" Hayward says.

The Loo Crew is run almost entirely by a team of volunteers. In the past they have come from all walks of life; students, backpackers, local residents and environmentalists. Many want to make new connections, have access to an amazing concert experience at no cost and to learn more about how to protect and treasure our Earth.

With International Volunteers Day on Monday 5th December it’s a timely reminder of the incredible value of volunteering to the community. Up to 100 volunteers are needed from 28 Dec – 1 Jan 2017 and they must commit to four 4-hour shifts. In return they will receive a free ticket to the festival, premium campsite, hot showers and cooked meals.

Register with Danielle at [email protected] or at 0414 320 109.

For photo opportunities or further information please contact:
Danielle Ross Walls – Loo Crew Volunteer Coordinator
Mobile: 0417 015 040
email: [email protected]



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