Leadup to Bob Brown's arrest at Lapoinya

This video shows the leadup to the arrest of Bob Brown on 25 Jan 2016 at Lapoinya NW Tasmania, including footage of some of the destruction taking place.

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  • Margo Van Der Voort
    commented 2016-01-31 15:47:00 +1100
    15 years (or 30+) of forest negotiations down the drain to reach a forest saving agreement. Why this ongoing destruction of Earths’ last defence against pollution and climate change? Ta an has been raiding Australia’s forests for far too long! To sell as ‘eco veneer’!? The politics behind the new anti forest defenders laws are disgraceful! Thank you Bob for showing up and getting media attention. Thank you locals for continuing to defend these vital forests with all its fauna and flora. Tassie is a sad place with huge fires and wilful destructive attitudes of polluticians. :(
  • Chris Temple-Watts
    commented 2016-01-30 10:23:46 +1100
    So sad… This is what a right wing fascist government does to a national treasure.
  • Fiona Cottingham
    commented 2016-01-30 10:04:47 +1100
    i am astounded and soooo angry i want to come to Tassie and stop them…somehow ..i will die trying thats how i feel after watching this video ..how fucking dare they !!!!