Save Sydney’s Last Remaining Koala Population

Object to Lendlease’s biodiversity certification application for Mt Gilead Stage 2.


Only 50 kms from Sydney CBD, near Campbelltown, Lendlease has started pulling down paddock trees and bulldozing pasture to build Stage 1 of their “Figtree Hill” development, constructing a minimum of 1700 new dwellings and creating a new suburb.



This whole area is on arguably the most strategically significant koala habitat left in NSW. Mt Gilead is home to a primary habitat corridor bordering the Nepean River and three of six east-west linkage areas or movement corridors that allow the koalas to move between the Georges and Nepean rivers in order to crossbreed, access water and escape in the event of fire.

In its current form, Lendlease’s conservation plans for Mount Gilead Stage 2 (MGS2) will sever or compromise these corridors and likely make any remaining habitat inhospitable for the koalas.


This area is known koala habitat, it provides major wildlife corridors between the Georges and Nepean rivers. The Lendlease development is reducing these corridors to mere green strips among urban sprawl. Koalas are simply getting cut off from moving between the rivers.



Whilst Stage 1 of this development is underway, approvals for Stage 2 are being finalized. It will destroy more bushland for the koala and is about three times as large.





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  • Froggy
    commented 2021-02-14 09:10:34 +1100
    I added some words to my email. I pointed out that this estate in a 2015 heritage study strongly recommended the entire estate should be saved.

    The estate not only contains important biodiversity yet also has indigenous & colonial heritage.

    Here’s my last paragraph…
    “ Are profits that important that laws are changed, teams of barristers employed to fight communities, scientists, environmentalists and the Koalas themselves?”

    Please support this action to help save Koalas & Biodiversity.
  • Sally Jones
    commented 2021-02-13 15:43:02 +1100
    This LENDLEASE project should not go ahead , our KOALAS are way to important risk , just for another new housing development . KOALAS 1st and foremost .
  • Lirio Miranda
    commented 2021-02-13 15:18:57 +1100
    Please save the Koalas from extinction in Mt Gilead Campbelltown NSW
  • Lirio Miranda
    commented 2021-02-13 15:09:50 +1100
    Please save the Koalas from extinction, stop on destroying their habitats, Mt Gilead Campbelltown NSW
  • Manderlee Anstice
    published this page in Native Forests 2021-02-12 14:04:50 +1100