Koalas Need Forests

The koala is in crisis.

NSW is set to lose its koala population by 2050 if action isn’t taken urgently to protect it.

Logging, land clearing, urban development, mining, climate change and bushfires are pushing the koala towards extinction.




  • In the last 20 years, we lost two-thirds of our koalas.
  • In 2012  the koala was listed as vulnerable.
  • In the following 5 years, 73 000 hectares of koala habitat was destroyed in NSW reducing the numbers of koalas by another 30-60%. 


How did we get here? 

A decade of mismanagement of koala habitat.

  • 2012 - Due rapidly falling koala numbers in Queensland and NSW,  the government was forced to list the Koala as a threatened species. Incredibly, since then their decline has accelerated. Under the new regulation which was introduced in 2012 urban development, logging or mining which might have an impact on koala population would need to be referred to the Australian Federal Government for assessment and approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Commission Act. However almost all of the 73 000 hectares of koala habitat which were cleared since 2012, only 9% were approved under the EPBC Act. The rest of the habitat was harvested without any oversight or government intervention.
  • 2017  - Berejiklian government repealed the Native Vegetation Act. Allowing landowners to self assess the conservation value of their private land before bulldozing it to allow for grazing. Unsurprisingly very little land was deemed of conservation value and land clearing accelerated threefold in the ensuing years on private land.
  • 2019 - A report on Koala Population and Habitat was commissioned in July 2019 for the NSW Parliamentary inquiry chaired by Greens MLC Cate Faehrmann, which was tabled in July 2020
  • 2020 - Summary of Koala inquiry finds that logging, land clearing, urban development, mining and climate change are to blame for the koalas near extinction crisis. Adding to that, climate change reduces the quality of their food supply and habitat, and contributing to the severity of bushfires and drought.


Habitat Loss

Native forest logging reduces habitat, food supply and increases heat while reducing rainfall. Re-growth forest, while offering the possibility to generate some food, has little habitat value as the koala prefers larger trees to feed and live on. Instead, newly planted forests, managed by NSW forestry contribute to fire intensity due to their lack in canopy cover and increased lower ground fuel loads. Koalas, found in these forests tend to have less chance of survival as they try to escape the fire by climbing higher into the canopy, where they are likely to burn to death.




What Can be Done?

Protect Native Forests

Ending native forest logging will protect threatened species habitat and contribute to a healthier climate, as well as reduce chances of large scale bushfires. They also increase rainfall and reduce heat. Native forest logging needs to end. We don’t need to log native forests to fulfil our wood chip and timber contracts. There is enough plantation timber available. NSW government can establish the Great Koala National Park along NSW North coast. 


Map artwork © @jessharwoodart


Koala colony in Sydney, Campbelltown:

On the fringes of Sydney, a healthy, chlamydia free koala colony is thriving and growing. However urban sprawl and a fast-tracked development push by the government in this area, this colony is in the way of bulldozers.


Fast Facts:

  • about 500 koalas exist in the area south of Campbelltown.
  • The colony is healthy and adds to the genetic diversity of the species
  • There is the opportunity for a new national park, the Upper Georges River National Park to be established. This would provide north-south and east-west corridors to allow the Koalas migration and repopulate nearby burnt areas in the world heritage national park of the Blue Mountains
  • The colony is threatened by a proposed development which cuts the link between the Georges and Nepean Rivers, disallowing the koala to move between these areas and therefore isolating it We are asking the government to declare the koala colony in the area between the Blue Mountains to Campbelltown to be of national importance. To establish an Upper Georges River Koala National Park and to stop stage 2 Gilead development.

We ask the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Rob Stokes to offer better koala protection in urban development areas and create at least 450m wide corridors for habitat as well as koala crossings under busy roads to reduce roadkill.


What you can do to push our government to protect the koala and stop logging native forests:

  • Download this poster here and put it in your window:




  • Chip in for a street billboard in Premier Berejiklians electorate. Donate to our Foundation to plaster the streets with reminders that the Premier can protect Koalas from extinction.
  • Write a personalised letter to Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Planning Minister Rob Stokes and Environment Minister Matt Kean and share with us.
    • Premier Galdys Berejiklian: Shop 26/145-151 Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge, NSW 2063
    • Planning Minister Rob Stokes MP :GPO Box 5341, Sydney NSW 2001
    • Environment Minister Matt Kean MP: GPO Box 5341 , Sydney NSW 2001
  • Volunteer with us on this campaign. Get in touch with Doro our Sydney Campaigns Organiser via doro@bobbrown.org.au.
  • Sign our letter to the Premier here.
  • Or order your A4 yard sign for $5 and display on you front fence, contact Doro for more info at doro@bobbrown.org.au
  • Help us remind Gladys Berejiklian to Save our Koalas. We want to have 1000 posters on our streets and fences. Print our Koalas Need Forests poster above and place it in your window, facing the street.
  • Have your Kids involved! Print out our koala illustration, colour it in, decorate it and post it to Galdys Berejiklian with a message for the premier to Save Our Koalas. Don’t forget to email us a copy of your childs creation too!  Get in touch with Doro our Sydney Campaigns Organiser via doro@bobbrown.org.au for your colouring in. 





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  • Lindy Stacker
    commented 2020-09-07 11:53:28 +1000
    Gladys you talk about saving Koalas but actually permit the opposite , how cunning of you as you know most Australians are not informed of the details. STOP THE LOGGING OUT OF CASINO /BELLINGEN AND WEST OF COFF HARBOUR NOW. Simple stop the damn logging & actually protect the habitat of Koalas & other species .YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE DESTROYING THE HOMES OF OUR PRECIOUS NATIVE FAUNA..THEY DON’T VOTE BUT THE LIKES OF ‘ME’ DO.
  • Kym Tregenza
    commented 2020-08-27 21:08:10 +1000
    Protect our Koala’s , leave all native forests in there Natural State , Stop greed ! Love Our natural environment for what it is ! Think of future generations! Love & Compassion
  • Holly de Manincor
    commented 2020-08-17 20:51:05 +1000
    Please save our Koalas and their homes. Stop stage 2 Gilead!!!
  • Maryann Broyles
    commented 2020-08-16 10:44:12 +1000
    Stop Logging~ The Koalas and many other living specie need the trees to survive~ it is a criminal act to cut down these forests~ STOP NOW