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We are seeing 2020 out by establishing a frontline blockade in takayna / Tarkine’s ancient forests. Overnight, we moved in to blockade the tall ancient forests in the Pieman River area.

Bob Brown Foundation has re-occupied proposed logging coupe BO092C in the Pieman River area of takayna / Tarkine in defence of its rainforests and wildlife. In February 2020 we occupied this coupe and forced the retreat of the logging machines, but this summer the loggers are scheduled to return. We plan to be there to stop them again.




The tall ancient eucalyptus forests and rainforests of takayna / Tarkine are one of Earth’s great treasures, abundant with wildlife such as the Tasmanian Devil and Spotted tailed Quoll. They are also rich and essential carbon storehouses in the face of the climate emergency.

You can help us prevent the destruction of this incredible forest by joining us on the frontline at the blockade.

If you can’t physically be there, you can show your support by making a tax-deductible donation.




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  • Pavla Rehulkova
    signed 2021-02-26 03:19:25 +1100
  • Sarah Pollock
    signed 2021-02-22 11:00:26 +1100

    I am a very passionate supporter of Mother Nature of I will be heading to Tasmania tomorrow evening for 3.5 weeks and would love to know if there is anything I can do on the frontline while I am there. Tarkine has suddenly been appearing in my life these past couple of weeks so I’m feeling very drawn to be there to do what I can. I’m happy to join and do what I can!

    Kind Regards,

    Sarah Pollock
  • Jessica Gibson
    signed 2021-02-20 23:47:22 +1100
  • alice Johnson
    signed 2021-02-20 21:58:44 +1100
  • Abbey Johnson
    signed 2021-02-20 08:55:45 +1100
    Abbey Johnson
  • Ruth Rosser
    signed 2021-02-20 01:11:20 +1100
  • Raine Sharpe
    signed 2021-02-15 17:46:57 +1100
    I would love to have the opportunity to spend time with the blockade

    doing whatever I’m capable of doing to protect the forests .
  • Maria Riedl
    signed 2021-02-15 09:40:22 +1100
  • Daniel Gerlach
    signed 2021-02-12 16:34:59 +1100
  • Caro Montero
    signed 2021-02-12 13:59:28 +1100
    Vamos!!!💪 🌿
  • Graziano di Martino
    signed 2021-02-12 12:53:54 +1100
  • Suzanne McCullough
    signed 2021-02-11 07:44:44 +1100
    I am totally dismayed by the Tasmanian governments continued determination to log in these ancient forests despite the global climatic calamities. We never learn and sadly financial greed takes precedence over environmental responsibility. As for a Chinese company polluting the Pieman river, I am disgusted that this can be allowed to happen. Sadly these events continue to occur not only in Australia but overseas. If only we could learn respect for our environment and protect it like indigenous communities hav e for centuries.
  • Brigitte Boll
    signed 2021-02-10 20:25:26 +1100
    I like more info about the camp
  • Keith Hallam
    signed 2021-02-06 20:38:51 +1100
  • David Corsar
    signed 2021-02-05 21:21:58 +1100
    I’d like information on joining the blockade please.
  • Carly Dober
    signed 2021-02-05 08:38:48 +1100
    Carly Bianca Dober
  • Pia Om
    signed 2021-02-04 22:16:20 +1100
  • Alex Tsakirakis
    signed 2021-02-01 22:02:32 +1100
    see you at the blockade
  • Brooke Sanderson
    signed 2021-01-30 23:19:51 +1100
  • Alice Hardinge
    signed 2021-01-29 10:59:48 +1100
    See you at camp!
  • Marion Giles
    signed 2021-01-29 10:36:07 +1100
    Interested in joining the blockade.
  • Melissa Tuliranta
    signed 2021-01-28 20:09:38 +1100
  • Nina Giblinwright
    signed 2021-01-28 15:11:47 +1100
  • Kimberley Eaton
    signed 2021-01-27 18:06:24 +1100
  • Dylan Rowbottom
    signed 2021-01-27 10:48:12 +1100
  • bushy breathe
    signed 2021-01-27 10:32:33 +1100
    i spent some time at the tarkine camp last year and would like to help again, im travelling (daintree home) and dont have a vehicle- seeking a lift .im happy to pay for fuel and supplies . i dont have a phone and despise social media ,so email only
  • Monique Ker
    signed 2021-01-27 08:42:51 +1100
  • Waltraud Haberberger
    signed 2021-01-25 21:23:14 +1100
  • Amy Castle
    signed 2021-01-24 00:42:12 +1100
  • Elaine Charkowski
    signed 2021-01-23 13:48:07 +1100