Global Treasure in Danger - Interview on 3CR Breakfast


Follow this link to hear Emma and Theresa do a great interview on 3CR this morning:

Roll through to 45 minutes in the audio to get to the interview.

7:50am Emma Wasson, Bob Brown Foundation joined us in the studio to talk about their campaign with the Tasmania’s Tarkine (takayna) Forest, and the upcoming event Global Treasure in Danger who will have speakers such as Theresa Sainty, Senator Janet Rice and Bob Brown.

Event: A Global Treasure in Danger, July 14th Federation Square 6pm – 8:30


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ABC Nightlife - By My Side with Bob Brown and Ben Oquist


ABC Nightlife recently aired an interview with Bob Brown and Ben Oquist.

"What has it been like to work side by side for so many years in Australian politics? Bob Brown is the founder of The Australian Greens and Ben Oquist is his former Chief of Staff."

Duration: 37min 57sec
Broadcast: Sat 22 Apr 2017, 10:00pm
Published: Sun 23 Apr 2017, 6:27pm

Listen to the interview on here
Presenter: Sarah Macdonald

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What role does journalism play in saving wild places?


Bob was interviewed by BayFM's David Hickson about journalism and reporting in Australia (and anti-protest laws, nuclear waste dump in Australia, ...), on Sunday 7th August at 11am during the Byron Writer’s Festival.

The interview is available here on


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Letter to The Editor: Proposals for a nuclear reprocessing hub in South Australia


Letter to the Editor, Australian Financial Review.

Dear Editor,

Proposals for a nuclear reprocessing hub in South Australia, apparently gaining in both Coalition and Labor support, will be sorely tested in the coming and inevitable public debate.

This is a thinly-disguised plan for the first nuclear power stations and a reprocessing plant on Australian soil. Such reactors and plant will require public subsidies unless, as in the latest UK project, a foreign entity like China helps foot the bill. China and Japan are at the heart of the South Australian proposals. When Prime Minister John Howard tested the waters of public opinion on nuclear power stations - without the China or Japan factor -  his retreat was swift and total.

The idea is to store nuclear wastes above and below ground somewhere in the Outback - that is, on Aboriginal lands. Besides raising questions of transporting the wastes, what of the morality of dumping such toxic materials in someone else's yard? If so safe, why not put the nuclear hub in Adelaide or Canberra, let alone the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Indian, British or French countrysides?

We are in an age of handbag-sized nuclear weapons. International terror organisations see these as the Holy Grail. In the coming century of unprecedented human dilemmas, a nuclear Australia will inevitably become a more attractive focus and target for such organisations - as well as for hostile foreign governments.

With rapid innovation and cost reduction for both energy efficiency and renewable energy, the South Australian proposal is not just unnecessary, it is a case of blinkered thinking, foreign pressure and big dollars getting in the way of a clear-eyed national strategy for Australia's future independence,security and lifestyle.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Brown.
Former Leader of the Australian Greens.

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Bob Brown on-air with Joy 94.9 Saturday Magazine talking Marriage Equality among other things


Bob was interviewed on Saturday August 8 by Macca and his panel of experts for the Joy 94.9 Saturday Magazine.

Bob's part starts soon after the 01:07:50 mark (1 hour, seven minutes, 50 seconds) - so put on your headphones, sit back and enjoy.

Access the podcast on the Joy 94.9 website here.


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OnePlusOne interview - Hard to believe he was a politician

Bob interviewed on ABC's One Plus One

ABC's popular program One Plus One is launching its 2015 season this weekend (24/25 Jan 2015) with Jane Hutcheon interviewing Bob Brown.

It's a beaut little interview, so if you get a chance have a look at it either when it is aired, or on iview.


Friday 10.30am ABC 1

Saturday 5.30pm (AEDT) ABC News 24

Sunday 9.30pm (AEDT) ABC News 24

Interviews are also uploaded to the catch-up service iview, and posted on the One Plus One website:

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The Age - Non-existent deal on preferences

BBF Logo

The Editor,
The Age.

For the third state election in a row Labor is crying 'wolf!' about a non-existent deal on preferences between the Greens and Liberals. Labor's strategy is to divert attention from the fact that the Liberals will preference it ahead of the Greens wherever the Greens are likely to win seats. Premier Denis Napthine prefers Labor because the Greens are stronger on issues of social justice, public transport and the environment.

Read more
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North Melbourne Books Talks to Former Greens Leader Bob Brown

North Melbourne Books
North Melbourne Books

"Our author interview this month is with Bob Brown. We talk with Bob about his inspiring book, Optimism: Reflections on a Life of Action. "

North Melbourne Books have published a short interview with Bob in their current newsletter.

For the full interview, click here.

Signed copies of Optimism are available here.

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Bob Brown, the optimist

Green Lifestyle ScreenshotGreen Lifestyle

Interview by Caitlin Howlett in Green Lifestyle

How on earth can Bob Brown remain an optimist in today’s society? He shares with us some of his brilliant philosophies to remain positive, many of which he reflects upon in his new book, Optimism.

Brown also shares some sage advice for youngsters.

Read the full interview in

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The Era of Change

From poverty and social inequality to climate change and animal cruelty – there are many issues and injustices in our world today. However, this is rapidly changing. Never in history has there been less violence; never has the human race been so aware and connected; and never have you, as one person, had the power and tools available to create a profound impact for a kinder world.

Bob is one of several interviewed for this striking short film by Thomas King - The Era of Change.

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