Hunt's mission a failure - Brown

Media Release 4 May 2016


Environment Minister Greg Hunt's witch-hunt via parliamentary committee, aimed at leaving action-oriented green groups toothless, has failed, Bob Brown said today.

"The most odious recommendation is that environment groups should report on any employee who breaks the law to the Australian Tax Office so that the group's tax-deductibility can be suspended for five years. This recommendation, effectively from the Minister for the Environment, would be right at home in Vladimir Putin's Russia," Brown said in Hobart today.

"And the hare-brained committee proposal that 25 present of conservation groups' income must go to tree planting is like demanding that 25 percent of church income go to running Sunday Schools or that 25 percent of political parties' income must be spent on printing and distributing the Constitution. Moscow would love it."

Former Senator Brown said that the much more credible dissenting reports of Liberal MHR Jason Wood and the Labor Party members, left the recommendations of the committee majority lacking authority or any likelihood of backing by the next parliament.

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