Hodman to gut National Parks

Former state and national Greens leader Bob Brown says Will Hodgman’s proposal to open Tasmania’s world-renowned national parks and World Heritage areas to the white-shoe brigade will shock many voters away from the Liberals.

“This is a throw-back to former Liberal Premier Robin Gray’s pro-pulp mill and motels-on-the-Franklin River days but the difference is the compliant government in Canberra”, Brown said.

“Tasmania’s burgeoning tourism industry has the wild and scenic island as its core attraction. Hodgman’s policy will split the Tasmanian community like the bad old days of “whispering bulldozer” Gray and tarnish and damage the global image which has taken decades to consolidate,” Brown added.

“This reeks of a monopoly tavern at Dove Lake, a Club Med at Wineglass Bay and a resort on Bathurst Harbour. It will be open season on Tasmania’s iconic wilderness, when world’s best practice is for the best private enterprise facilities to be encouraged at established in existing tourist foci like Strahan, Dover, Coles Bay, Maydena and Cradle Valley. This is a recipe for the established industry in Tasmania to be gazumped by the white-shoe brigade from interstate and overseas. Tasmanians will hate it,” he said.

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