Hodgman's Draconian Laws Snare Typical Tasmanian Rural Community

Media Release 20 Jan 2016


The Hodgman government's draconian laws to deprive Tasmanians of the centuries-old right to peacefully protest have created community havoc at the first test, environmentalist Bob Brown said today, after Jessica Hoyt, who was raised in Lapoinya was arbitrarily arrested in her local forest.

The forest is a previously safe habitat for rare and endangered species including the Tasmanian devil and giant Tasmanian freshwater crayfish.

"The arrests and mandatory fines handed out today and yesterday at Lapoinya show a government which has lost touch with its rural heartland. Will Hodgman, also out of touch with Tasmania's natural bounty, has only himself to blame. He was led by the logging companies, with a ring through his nose, to host these draconian laws."

"The Hodgman government has underestimated the love of place which is at the heart of many Tasmanian communities."

"One independent economic analysis estimates the cost to taxpayers of this unnecessary invasion of the Lapoinya forest at $50,000 but, with Forestry Tasmania's bid for FSC certification undermined, the flow-on costs will be much more”, Bob Brown said.

There will be a small rally to support the Lapoinya community in Hobart's Parliamentary Lawns tomorrow, Thursday, from 12.30 to 1.00pm and the public is welcome: no one will be arrested.

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