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FIGHTING FUND for Bob and Jessica: please give them your urgent support

IMG_8036.jpgBob Brown and Jessica Hoyt (right) outside the High Court of Australia, Canberra. 

Bob and Jessica went to the High Court fighting for all Australians' right to protest.

In 2016 Bob and Jessica were arrested for peacefully opposing logging at Lapoinya (where Jessica grew up) in North West Tasmania.

They were charged under the Hodgman government’s harsh new ‘anti-protest’ laws aimed at quashing meaningful environmental campaigning.

Today a High Court majority rejected their challenge on constitutional (not environmental) grounds.

These Tasmanian anti-protest laws are part of the global purchase of democracy by corporations. Corporations lobby weak politicians to legislate against the time-honoured rights of the people.

Looking at such awesome envionmental threats as the Adani mine, Amzonian rates of destruction of Australia’s forests and woodlands and illegal But unpoliced Japanese harpooning of Australian whales, Bob reaction today was defiant: ‘I urge Australians to face up to such laws, and never fall in line with the accelerating destruction of Earth’s biosphere. I, for one, have no intention of becoming part of the problem by being locked out of Tasmania’s forests by the myopic greed of loggers and their political lackeys.’

Your earlier generosity actively enabled Bob and Jessica to make their High Court challenge. But now the verdict is for the loggers, they are well short of covering potential legal costs of up to $250,000.

This is an invitation to stand again with Bob and Jessica. Please donate to their fighting fund today.



You make an online credit/debit card donation using the form on this page. Or call the number below to donate by card over the phone.  If you would prefer to donate by cheque or bank transfer, you don't need to use this page but please send us an email so we can thank you and send a receipt.

Please note: donations to this appeal are not tax deductible.

By Phone

Make a donation by credit card by calling 03 6294 0620

By direct bank transfer

Bob Brown Foundation
BSB 633 000
Account number 159586445

SWIFT Code BENDAU3B (international transfers only)

By cheque

Please write cheque to Bob Brown Foundation and post to
PO Box 4586, Hobart, Tasmania 7000



Who's donating

Maria Fiotakis
Sue-Ellen Smith
Jacqueline Amos
Alexandra Fraser
Karen Robinson-Foote
Steve Conlon
Rachel Varela
Rosemary Noonan
Beat Gerber
Glynis Johns
Liz Hamilton
Yvonne Saw
Sarah Maclagan
William Gale
Christine Cattanach
Lesley Shanley
Helen Newton
sheenah turnbull
Monica Redden
Catherine Sawkins
Billy Ross
Catherine Dennis

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