Help us take Tarkine in Motion to the world

Our Foundation has launched a Pozible campaign to crowd-fund Tarkine in Motion. Visit to pledge your financial support for this unique project.

In April 2015, 60 photographers, filmmakers, musicians and artists will journey into the Tarkine to document its wild, scenic beauty as never before – producing a stunning 30-minute documentary portrait of this threatened wilderness.

Curated by Dan Broun and the Bob Brown Foundation, Tarkine In Motion is a multi-platform project that will culminate in a film & exhibition of art created in the heart of Tarkine, one of the last great wilderness areas on the planet.

With your support, this project will help protect the Tarkine by capturing, celebrating and sharing its unique landscapes with the world.

The Bob Brown Foundation is campaigning to have 450,000 hectares of the Tarkine declared a national park and World Heritage Area so that future generations can enjoy the Tarkine’s outstanding natural and cultural heritage.

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