Happy International Women's Day!

From the Tarkine Canopy Vigil, where the forests are still standing.

Claire Anderson. Photo: Andy Szollosi

"Today I am celebrating the women who have fought for environmental justice throughout history and across the Earth.

It has always amazed me how these tall trees move in the wind, that they are flexible and resilient enough not to snap or blow over and how their root systems below the ground mirror the canopy above. Much of human construction engineering must be inspired by these trees. Perhaps a good metaphor for us facing the rigidity of outdated logging and mining practices is to gather flexible, resilient strength like the trees we strive to protect.

Photo: Claire Anderson

Some new arrivals to camp have gone to take drone photographs of a spectacularly big myrtle found in one of the logging coupes.

We received word that logging in Ada forest in Victoria's central highlands has ceased and are celebrating, congratulations and thank you to the people who stood up for that special place, without you it would have been lost forever.

The Tarkine canopy vigil sit has been continuously occupied for sixteen days, the amazing ground crew are holding camp and continuing to conduct surveys for threatened species."

Claire Anderson

Photograph of Claire by Andy Szollosi.

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  • Sharon Cook
    commented 2017-03-11 12:41:47 +1100
    When will corporations stop & realise, when the earth is stripped bare, it spells disaster. I pray your efforts to save that beautiful place are indeed a victory. 😊
  • Vanessa Mignon
    commented 2017-03-09 23:05:02 +1100
    this seems to be such a beautiful place. I hope it remains pristine and safe from all the logging and destruction