Great Australian Bight oil rigs would significantly increase spill risk – report

screenshot.jpg has an article on a report by the South Australian planning department.

Plans to drill for oil in the pristine Great Australian Bight marine park will significantly increase the risk of oil spills, both from the oil rigs and the increased shipping traffic, according to a report by the South Australian planning department.

In an updated plan for how the government would handle an oil spill, the department included a specific note about increased risks posed by plans for extensive oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight.


In 2010, BP was responsible for the world’s largest oil spill – the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico – which occurred in calmer and more shallow waters than those in the Bight.

BP hasn’t released modelling of the impacts of an oil spill...


Read the full article in here.

This part is interesting background from the related article in here.


The Great Australian Bight Commonwealth Marine Park was created in 2005 and extended in 2012 to become part of the Great Australian Bight Commonwealth Marine Reserve.

When the Abbott government was elected, they began a “review” of the marine parks, which suspended the implementation of their management, making the parks mostly meaningless.


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