48 hours of Global Actions in 1 poster

Over 1000 people, almost 100 events, 17 countries, over 48 hours, in 1 poster.

A huge thanks to everyone who took part in 48 Hours of Global Actions to #DefendWorldHeritage.


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Global Actions For World Heritage

The Australian Government's attack on World Heritage sites has prompted a global wave of outrage.

Around the world, from June 13-15, people stood up to Defend World Heritage with 48 hours of Global Action, coordinated by The Bob Brown Foundation, the Observer Tree and the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

The World Heritage Committee meets in Qatar from June 15 to decide the future of Tasmania's World Heritage listed forests and the Great Barrier Reef. In the final hours before the Committee meeting, these actions for Tasmania’s forests and the Great Barrier Reef will support UNESCO and place an international spotlight on the threat from the Australian Government to these iconic environments.

Below are some of the hundreds of images from Global Actions to Defend World Heritage events right across Australia and around the world. 

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