Game Body Mix-Up

The Hodgman government’s new Tasmanian Game Council (TGC) will mix deer control with killing of native species such as wallabies, possums, cockatoos, and native hens, Bob Brown said today.

“Besides the fact that zero new resources are defined to cull fallow deer spreading rapidly into wild and scenic areas of Tasmania, an urgent problem needing urgent action, this mixing of control of pest deer with control of native species is a potential time-bomb. In past decades, Tasmania drew adverse world headlines for organised hunting for wallabies, native hens and Cape Barren geese.”

“The National Parks and Wildlife Service prudently managed the issue off the public agenda. Putting control into the hands of this new council is very imprudent,” Brown said.

“He again warned that without urgent action deer will soon invade iconic areas like the Walls of Jerusalem, Tarkine and Cradle Mountain,” Brown said.


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