Frankland River forests by Laurie Davison

Photo: Laurie Davison

These are the threatened ancient forests in Tasmania's Tarkine. The Frankland River, seen in the image, has two areas of forest threatened by imminent logging on 3km of its banks. The river is one of the few rivers in north west Tasmania home to the world's largest freshwater crayfish.

Photo: Laurie Davison

The forests in these images are known to Forestry Tasmania as FR041B, one of the two areas proposed for logging. Our Foundation is calling for urgent protection for these ancient forests.

Photo: Laurie Davison

Photographs by Laurie Davison, taken in the past days while Laurie stayed at the Tarkine Canopy Vigil camp.

Photo: Laurie Davison
Photo: Laurie Davison

You can join our forest camp. For more information contact our campaigner Jenny at [email protected]

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