Forestry Tasmania Lockout

Conservationists are calling for an immediate halt to planned logging as Forestry Tasmania conducts a lockout on a main tourism route Arve Rd near Geeveston in southern Tasmania for the next six weeks and log ancient forests surrounded by five registered giant Eucalyptus trees.

Bob Brown Foundations Jenny Weber states, ‘Forestry Tasmania is closing Arve Rd tomorrow, locking out access to the Hartz Mountains National Park, Tahune Airwalk and Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Picton River, Farmhouse Creek and the upper Huon River, while foolishly logging a region of globally unique towering giant trees.’

‘Premier Hodgman is putting logging ahead of tourism. We call for a halt to logging of this forest. Tasmania’s community would benefit from protecting this threatened forest as the five registered giant trees are located right alongside a main route used by tens of thousands of tourists. These forests surround by giant trees provides an ideal opportunity for a giant tree bushwalk in intact forest rather than another outrageous case of logging the scenery,’ Jenny Weber said.

‘This shows how absurd is Forest Minister Paul Harris’ claim that logging and tourism work together,’ Jenny Weber said.

‘Forestry Tasmania is using extreme logging practices such as cable logging on steep slopes, and clear felling in old growth forests. Worse still the majority of the forest will end up as woodchips, and this contentious timber will supply the controversial Sarawak logging company Ta Ann, what an appalling waste of Tasmania’s unique forests,’ Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber concluded.

Background Briefing & Images attached as PDF

High Res Images of the threatened forests available on request

Jenny Weber
0427 366 929

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  • Paul Truscott
    commented 2019-02-19 22:43:54 +1100
    What bullshit, it’s being closed to cleanup from the bushfires, there are trees over the road and potentially dangerous trees about to fall, want dead tourists? Want dead bush walkers? Stop the beat up 🤬