Field site bookings


Select the field site you would like to take part in each day.

You can only choose one field site per day plus the dawn and night survey's if you like.

You will need to enter your details (name and email address) for each field site you select.

Each field site has a cap on participants so if you are unable to book into your first preference, you will need to select another field site until you are able to find a group with spaces still available.

If you book a dawn survey you will return to base camp, ready to go out again on the day trip. Except on Sunday, if you choose a dawn survey in the Plains, you will remain in the field until lunch time. Field trips at night depart at base camp at 8PM.

Friday Field Site Selection

Friday - dawn 

Friday - coast

Friday - forests

Friday - rivers

Friday - devils - FULL

Friday - night

Saturday Field Site Selection

Saturday - dawn

Saturday - coast

Saturday - forests - FULL

Saturday - rivers - FULL

Saturday - devils - FULL

Saturday - night

Sunday Field Site Selection

Sunday - dawn - FULL

Sunday - plains

Sunday - forests

Sunday - rivers - FULL

Sunday - devils - FULL