Federal and State Governments admit that world's largest freshwater lobster is in trouble

Bob Brown Foundation urges secure conservation reserves

Bob Brown Foundation calls on the Federal and State governments to take real actions to declare secure conservation reserves in Tasmania’s north, in all habitat for the world’s largest freshwater lobster, following the signing of the Recovery Plan for the Giant Freshwater Lobster (Astacopsis gouldi).

“We welcome this first step by the Federal and State governments in recognising that this threatened species is in trouble and habitat loss is a major contributing threat to its survival. The government now has an obligation to provide leadership and real action to protect the species and remove the threats to its survival. Action is critical, not just desirable,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager, Jenny Weber said.

“The next steps include removing the immediate and emerging threats to the world’s largest freshwater lobster and placing all habitat in secure conservation reserves, such as the proposed takayna / Tarkine National Park. We are calling on the state government to remove all Giant Freshwater Lobster habitat fro the logging schedule,” Jenny Weber said.

The governments must resolve the contradictions in their plans for Tasmania’s forests that will impact the Giant Freshwater Lobster.  They must remove critical habitat from the current logging schedule, including coupes that are imminently threatened by logging; halt the planned roll-over of the Regional Forest Agreement and abandon the plan to log in regional reserves and conservation areas that are identified as lobster habitat in this recovery plan, (see page 15),” Jenny Weber said.

“It has been left to citizens, like Lobster Man Todd Walsh, to protect this threatened species for far too long. Just this year our Foundation temporarily protected critical habitat for the lobster, conducting a peaceful protest camp and preventing logging on the banks of the Frankland river in takayna / Tarkine. Had this logging gone ahead as planned in February, the lobster would have had another critical habitat lost and waterways silted.  Hundreds of community members lobbied the Federal Environment Minister and Premier Hodgman to stop logging these forests for the survival of the Giant Freshwater Lobster and other endangered species,” Jenny Weber said.

“It is time for governments to remove the immediate and emerging threats to the world’s largest freshwater lobster with real action, now that they have an agreed plan,” Jenny Weber said.

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