Host a screening of Forest Defenders in your community


On Sunday 8th November we premiered the new film, Forest Defenders - The Fight for Tasmania's native forests. An environmental documentary of the Bob Brown Foundation’s last 12 months of frontline direct action against Tasmania's voracious native forest logging industry.

We hope that our new film has inspired you to volunteer, support or take part in our coming summer of forest protests.


Thankyou to all our supporters who put their hands up to host a screening of Forest Defenders in their local community. We have hosted more than 20 screenings, reaching more than 800 audience members across the country.

We will be wrapping up our community screening program for 2021, and will be undertaking no new events. However, we still have a number of screenings yet to happen in places like Port Macquarie, Byron Bay, Brisbane and Thirroul. Please keep your eyes peeled on our events page for upcoming screenings, as well as future opportunities to host events in collaboration with the Foundation. 



At the Foundation we are committed to defending and protecting native forests with non-violent direct intervention

2020 has seen our most intense season of forest frontline action yet. We are the leaders in action for native forests in Tasmania and we share this effort with many many volunteer defenders. Hundreds of volunteers participated in the Sumac Ridge Blockade, the shut down of Ta Ann's veneer mill, held multi-day occupations and disruptions of logging operations in Que River, Pieman, Wentworth Hills and Mt Field areas. 





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  • Tasman Lawrie
    signed 2021-05-03 13:57:46 +1000
    i am happy to assist in many capacity and on site at the front ,lets save these forests and no more logging old growth
  • Ben Peacock
    signed 2021-05-03 08:53:53 +1000
    Yes pls would like to host a screening
  • Cordelia Macdougall
    signed 2021-04-19 09:45:26 +1000
    Would love to host a screening in Woodend, Victoria.
  • Emilia Blondeau
    signed 2021-04-18 07:27:18 +1000
  • Julie Norbury
    signed 2021-03-25 23:27:11 +1100
    Our organisation the North West Environment Centre would like to host a screening on 25 April, at the RESEED Centre in Penguin Tax.
  • Paal Ringstad
    signed 2021-03-22 09:53:03 +1100
  • Vanessa Graley
    signed 2021-03-18 20:53:49 +1100
    Dear Molly, we would love to host a screening at our business site- MILLERS BREAD KITCHEN on the Mornington peninsula Victoria.

    Please contact me and advise how I would do this?
  • Hendrix Pontes
    signed 2021-03-14 21:40:04 +1100
  • Manderlee Anstice
    signed 2021-03-12 11:03:09 +1100
    Did you get this?
  • Mary Elliott
    signed 2021-03-10 17:50:06 +1100
  • Linda Kimber
    signed 2021-03-10 15:50:32 +1100
    Please contact me as soon as possible about a screening we have arranged.
  • Peter Maddock
    signed 2021-03-02 11:21:42 +1100
    I am interested in screening Forest Defenders for our local environment group, Benalla Sustainable Future Group Inc for our General Meeting on Thursday March 25th.


  • Julie Sheppard
    signed 2021-02-24 15:55:05 +1100
    I wish to host a screening on April 8 at Campbelltown Arts Centre as part of the Nature Talks series run by NPA Macarthur Branch.
  • Rachael Brown
    signed 2021-02-20 09:29:11 +1100
    Interested in hosting an event in Jindabyne NSW
  • Natalie Keene
    signed 2021-02-19 09:09:11 +1100
    We’ve got very limited social contact allowed here in Norway but the libraries were allowed to open yesterday and I bet we can get this played at one of them, and at the two squats here in Oslo too. Looking forward to this!
  • Robyn Harper
    signed 2021-02-16 16:54:50 +1100
    I would like to show this film at the local cinema in Alice Springs.
  • Brett Aylen
    signed 2021-02-14 10:17:48 +1100
    I will screen in Mount Barker SA. At home if interest is small. At the Waldorf school if interest is large (which I expect it to be).
  • Dawn Green
    signed 2021-02-11 20:37:04 +1100
  • Carole Carter
    signed 2021-02-11 16:34:24 +1100
    Definite interest in our community (Northern Illawarra NSW) to host a screening. What would we need in terms of technical expertise/equipment/support to facilitate the screening?
  • Kate Holden
    signed 2021-02-08 15:00:41 +1100
    Hi Molly,

    I’m in an Extinction Rebellion group soon to host a Camp Out event in our community, and I was thinking that a screening of the forest defender film might make a great element to include. We will be having the event outdoors, so I’m just in search of some details about it, and how it would be distributed, in case we end up using just a projector of some kind and a bedsheet hung from a tree.

    Do you think the screening would work in such a setting? Any details you can supply would be great. The event is in late March — we’re hoping for about 200 people to visit over the course of a day, but a screening would of course probably have to wait until dusk.


  • Peter Matthew
    signed 2021-02-06 18:19:15 +1100
    I would like to host a film event in South Johnstone Community Hall, North Queensland. Stratvell Film Society, with a current membership of 23 people, shows films once a month. The sound in the Hall is not good, does the film have subtitles for the hearing impaired?
  • Veronica Holland
    signed 2021-02-05 20:25:22 +1100
    We have a MI Community Hall in Christmas Hills and would like to host a showing of Forest Defenders.
  • Peter Gaffney
    signed 2021-02-05 10:10:28 +1100
    I’m interested in showing the film in the Mitchel Shire in Victoria.
  • Adam Ford
    signed 2021-02-03 19:42:22 +1100
    I would like to host a screening for 20-25 people at my home in Chewton, Victoria.
  • Susana Howard
    signed 2021-02-03 17:58:08 +1100
  • Steve Saunders
    signed 2021-02-03 14:38:30 +1100
    I would like to host a screening of this movie for a group of a dozen or more people in Launceston, Tasmania.
  • Debbie Searle
    signed 2021-02-03 09:09:20 +1100
    Happy to host a screening at the Scottsdale library in June. Current Covid limit is 40. There is a big screen. Cost is $50 to hire the room.
  • Andrew McKinnon
    signed 2021-02-02 14:50:28 +1100
    Proposed screening in Old Noarlunga South Australia
  • Paddy Pallin Melbourne
    signed 2021-02-02 13:00:24 +1100
  • Julie Eagles
    signed 2021-02-02 10:29:00 +1100