Reclaim takayna

After two months of our biggest frontline action defending Australia’s largest temperate rainforests, we want to head back into takayna for an open day.

Join us on Saturday night at the Waratah Men's Shed for dinner and camping in your own tent or campervan.

Sunday will consist of a walk-in demonstration to the rainforests threatened by mining company MMG or you can visit nearby forests​ in the Que River region threatened by logging.

Families are most welcome.

Communal dinner & breakfast are vegan.



Bob Brown Foundation campaigners and volunteers will be leading, assisting and sharing information on each of these walks below.

An important consideration for options 1 and 2: Should the gates to the threatened rainforests remain closed by MMG, with security guards present as there are today, you will be entering a road closed by Forestry Tasmania. If the police arrive to evict the group, you may be given a formal 'move on' order by the police to leave. This is a police order to leave the site and not an arrest.

When purchasing your tickets, please choose one of the options below to help us plan for the weekend. You will be able to change your mind after you've purchased your ticket.


1. Walking Helilog road to the machines and the rainforest.

The track from the car drop point on Pieman/Helilog junction to where the MMG lease and walking tracks are located is 7km long. The road is gravelled and muddy. There are some prolonged steep sections and once in, this is the only access.

A return trip there and back is a 14km road walk, approx 2.5 hours one-way.

Once at the southern end of Helilog Road, there are tagged walking tracks through the forest and the possibility for people to visit the occupation in the reclaimed rainforest. This would add an extra two hours and 1.5km one way but through beautiful pristine open rainforest, right in the very centre of the proposed mine site.

Please note this will be a seven-hour return walk on Sunday. If you would like to stay the night on Sunday night in the rainforest, you are welcome.

Depending on numbers, there will be a camp set up near the road to enable people to leave their gear and easily access the rainforest from the road end should they be uncomfortable with the longer walk.

Camping for Sunday night in the forest will require everyone to be self-sufficient with tents, winter sleeping gear, wet weather and warm, appropriate walking clothes. All this gear will have to be carried in.


2. A walk via Helilog Road to the old blockade camp and an excursion into the rainforests.

This area is where we held the blockade against the logging this summer and where we pushed Forestry Tasmania out of these coupes the year previous with a direct action campaign.

The walk from the drop off point on Helilog/Pieman Road junction to the old blockade camp is 1.5km, one-way, of gravelled road, walking mostly downhill on the way in.

From there, we can set up a camp with a tea station and go for walks in the forest outside the mine lease but in a threatened patch of rainforest earmarked for logging. The forest here is of equal calibre to that of the proposed mine lease – part of the same tract and only 5 km away. However, easier access will allow you to enjoy more time in the forest, especially if walking along a gravel road for 14 km is not your cup of tea. And there WILL be tea.

A 2.5 km loop walk is tagged through the forest in this area around the old camp and we will have people leading guided walks around this magnificent landscape of tall eucalypts, tree fern gullies and Gondwanan myrtles, standing strong.


3. Que Road threatened rainforest.

This is an option for those with 'move-on' orders or bail conditions for Helilog and Pieman roads, those who are not comfortable with the possibility of receiving a 'move-on' order or for anyone for whom walking a long distance is not an option.

Que Road is an area of outstanding rainforest, part of the same tract in the proposed MMG mine area. We blockaded Forestry Tasmania for two solid weeks with canopy-top tree sits and immobilisation of machinery until they were pushed out, only managing to log a small area of this tract of pure open myrtle and sassafras-dominated Gondwanan relict forest.

This year the coupe next door is on the chopping block.

The road into the coupe allows access all the way to the forest floor. Twenty minutes drive north of Tullah, and a 10-minute drive along an old forestry gravel track, lands us right in the middle of an oasis of tall, ancient rainforest.

Walking in here is spectacular and close to car access. There are tagged walking tracks that take you in a loop around the forest or down to the river. We will have a base camp there for people to come and go as they please around a warm cup of tea and a hot fire.

Camping here is easy with vehicles close by.

A walk in this forest can be from 2 minutes to 2 hours or more.


We want to open these forests for everyone to see what is at stake. To experience the majestic beauty that has been bestowed upon us as custodians of these lands and to showcase how fragility and awe-inspiring beauty of takayna / Tarkine.

July 31, 2021 at 4:00pm - August 02, 2021
Waratah Men's Shed
Williams St
Waratah, TAS 7321
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Will you come?

$20.00 Option 1 - Longer walk (14 km return) to proposed dam site
Includes breakfast, dinner, camping and guided walk.
$20.00 Option 3 - Que Rd Forests. Short walks through rainforest.
Includes breakfast, dinner, camping and guided walk.
$20.00 Option 2 - Shorter walk (3 km return) to old blockade camp.
Includes breakfast, dinner, camping and guided walk.