Draconian protest legislation bogged & needs to be buried

Bob Brown Foundation's Jenny Weber comments, "The Tasmanian Government's anti-protest legislation has been bogged by the move in Tasmania's Upper House, now it's time for the Government to bury it."

"The appalling legislation, attracting international shame, needs to be thrown out of our Tasmanian democracy, it has no place in a society that values the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech," Jenny Weber said.

"There are already adequate provisions to deal with protest actions, including any that occur in workplaces, heavy penalties have been applied to protesters in the past.  This unprecedented attempt to introduce Tasmania's first mandatory prison sentences for protests, fines of $250 000 for organisations who 'incite' protests and increased police powers was condemned by a range of community members," Jenny Weber said. 

"Environment groups, civil libertarians, unions, environment groups, lawyers and the Tasmanian Aboriginal community united to condemn the Workplaces Protection from Protesters Bill. 

We will be alert to the extreme agenda set by the Tasmanian Government to attack citizens in our democracy until they commit to abandoning this mess. The legislation is the making of Government Minister Paul Harris, who failed to seek solicitor-general advice on the legislation and he should explain," Jenny Weber said.

Jenny Weber

Campaign Manager
The Bob Brown Foundation


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