Diana Levy - Frankland River forest - FR41A & B

Leatherwood blossom. Photo: Diana Levy

It was war

and the giants fell

despatched by a scadgett,

take this coupe and make of it

a timber soup says the Forestry,

so a yellow machine

with a saw and a claw

tracks its way bulldozerish,

and the man inside

with a job and a plan

cuts the elders and shoves them,

they’re pushovers,

claws them into a pile,

the ‘log landing’.


Mystery berry. Photo: Diana Levy

Then the leaves leave

the birds go

the possums, gliders and marsupials go

and what was it I heard last night

from the snugness of my tent?

voice high in a tree,

a faint reply further out,

all these creatures go

but where is their refuge?


Horizontal now, the Tarkine giants

are a bleaching cracking abandoned

tumble jumble,

with a rubbish pile of bones high at the back,

in the middle of a forest where few set foot,

not since it was called “takayna”.


Are we the last to have Tarkined here

shouting as we swam in the freezing Frankland River,

skipping stones or glimpsing

a brook trout flee across

the shallow pebble bed?

the last to watch the wedge-tailed eagles

soar above a pebble picnic

where we drank cocoa

and fed out souls

through our very pores?

"House tree" - an old myrtle. Photo: Diana Levy

Diana Levy

Tarkine in Motion 2017

*FR41A & B are the names of the coupes that are due to be logged - again


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