Deep in the Tarkine's threatened forests

River through threatened forest.

Our camp is on a small ridge among the giant eucalypts deep in the Tarkines threatened forests. In an old growth forest area scheduled for logging, a short walk through the threatened forest is a mighty river.  


Photographers, writers, painters and an artist who will make sculptures have been based among this threatened ancient forest.
Even a photographer with a travelling dark room has set up for the next two days.

Threatened forest. Photo: Nicole Anderson

Last night as we went off to sleep the call of the endangered masked owl was our sweet goodnight.

Threatened forest. Photo: Nicole Anderson

With the frogs croaking through the night, flocks of yellow tailed black cockatoos visiting each day and the moon rise off in the distance, our camp has been a wonderful example of what could be in an intact forest, an alternative to a logged landscape where all the ancient ecosystem is lost.

Jenny Weber

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