Death sentence for Swift Parrots signed by Turnbull & Hodgman


“Tasmania’s unique forests and wildlife have suffered tremendously since the 1997 Regional Forest Agreement and now the Federal and State governments have committed to further destruction of forests, wildlife and the climate with a flawed agreement process that has been exhaustively proven to be deficient,” Bob Brown Foundation campaign manager Jenny Weber said.

“Turnbull and Hodgman will be responsible for pushing wildlife closer to extinction, negative climate impacts and important forest loss,” Jenny Weber said.

“The Swift Parrot was uplisted to critically endangered under the last RFA and is one of the saddest examples of their failure for Tasmania’s forests and wildlife. Our Foundation is releasing images today of Swift Parrot habitat that was logged in the past months, habitat that the critically endangered species nested in just last season and now is a cable logged clearfell. This is more of the shameful same in Tasmania’s forests and what is now determined for the coming two decades as this death certificate is signed,” Jenny Weber said. “Regional Forest Agreements guarantee environmental devastation and the evidence is out there in the large clearfells, the burnt landscape after logging and the decline of endangered species,” Jenny Weber said

“These agreements fail to take into account new knowledge on forest ecology and the impact of logging on the climate. Major deficiencies in the previous Regional Forest Agreement have not been rectified and this new agreement will be underpinned by 20 year-old science,” Jenny Weber said.

Image - recently logged Swift Parrot habitat in Tasmania’s south. Source: Bob Brown Foundation

Jenny Weber  0427 366 929

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  • Barb Mason
    commented 2017-08-18 10:31:05 +1000
    Disgusting. None of these clowns live in Tasmania and all they see is the dollar signs. It will be the beginning of the end for Tasmania unless a massive amount of people get on site to block them. All those sitting in cushy little jobs and houses in Hobart need to get involved. I live in Queensland but my great great auntie lived in Tasmania, and it is where I also considered moving to in the near future. More lungs of the earth destroyed, ultimately a lack of oxygen if we keep this land clearing going. Queensland is screwed, loss of habitats for wildlife, loss of vegetation increases soil erosion.