Day 6 in the Tarkine Canopy Vigil – Frankland River forests

Jess Rettig and Lisa Searle

Day 6.

Hello hello supporters, firstly Thankyou! Its quite amazing to know you're all out there backing us as I undertake my first day on the tree perch. I've had a great day of weather so far so also thankyou Tarkine for easing me in gently. I'm happily settling into this little tree home and it's comforting to hear my friends below me planning the day, carving out salvaged burls (as you do) and stomping around on logs trying to gain some phone reception. These people are my real life heroes. I love them.

I've spent the first few hours in awe of the view and although I visited the amazing Wonder Woman herself (Lisa) a couple of times I hadn't yet stopped for long enough to take in the valley below me. What a magnificent sight!! Anytime I need a reminder about the significance of this place I turn my back to see red fruiting Celery Top pine, flowering leatherwood, tall tea tree, dark myrtle forest and bright green eucalypts peeping above the canopy.

It's been a busy weekend with visits from supporters and many tasks on the ground that stretch into the evening. It's been tiring and I'm really enjoying the peace up here as I munch on some kindly donated home baked Anzac biscuits - a much appreciated treat!

Whilst we have been successful in recording evidence of Masked Owls in these coupes, we have been sighting and/or hearing them most nights. Now our ground crew task is to see if we can find the Owls nesting tree. If we are successful in this task it should provide exactly what is required to help save this precious part of the Tarkine, though sadly logging is exempt from laws that protect endangered species.

Jess Rettig

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