Day 4 in the Tarkine Canopy Vigil – Frankland River forests

Lisa Searle - canopy vigil. Photo: Steven Pearce

Day 4.

I thought about working out how many hours I have been up here but settled on 'lots'. Some pass quickly, some slowly. Today I've been a feeling a bit up and down, my mood surprisingly attuned to the weather. A squall of rain and cold wind sees me frantically pulling my waterproof system into place and huddling, scowling, under my tarp. A few warming rays of sunlight and I am smiling, standing up and stretching, looking out across the forest landscapes around me, and watching my friends below me, this incredibly passionate and brave group of people who are willing to spend their time camped out on a logging road taking care of me and waiting for unfriendly visits from cops and Forestry workers. I couldn't do this without them.

Lisa Searle - canopy vigil. Photo: Steven Pearce

I probably shouldn't admit this... But I dropped the Go-Pro today. Oops. Freak accident but very disappointed with myself. Luckily it was in it's special shockproof waterproof case and the case works! No damage from a 20m fall! I am usually so careful, everything up here is attached all the time either to myself, the sit, or the tree. Will be even more careful from now on.

Lisa Searle - canopy vigil. Photo: Steven Pearce

I love feeling the gentle, grounded movement of the tree in the wind. I love knowing that while we are here these forests are safe for another day. I love seeing and hearing glimpses of the life and ecosystem going on around me. A pair of Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos swooped right past me before, their bright yellow patches and unmistakeable calls a stark contrast against the soft constant noise of wind in the dull-green eucalyptus canopy.


Dr Lisa Searle, Conservationist in the threatened Frankland forests.

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