Day 3 in the Tarkine Canopy Vigil – Frankland River forests

Photo: Lisa Searle

Day 3. A difficult start this morning. The wind continued to howl all through the night, forcing this tree to dance a pretty wild dance, meaning the treesit ended up on a bit of a tilt by morning. I felt as if I was sleeping in one of the Sky Cells from the Vale (In-joke for Game of Thrones fans ;-)

First job for the morning was to reinforce the sit so it won't move around so much if we get more wind like that again.

My friends down below cheered me up by sending up a hot cup of tea and breakfast, along with a copy of an article from the Advocate yesterday, featuring Yours Truly. Was great to see that we really are making an impact. Also heard that our Facebook posts have reached over 117,000 people so far, which is incredible. The feedback we are getting is overwhelming. It fills me with hope and brings tears to my eyes to know that there are so many people out there who care about this place as well. There is another vigil in Hobart tomorrow at the Executive Office at lunchtime and I can't wait to hear how it goes. Hope there is an amazing turnout. The time for sitting back is past. The time for action is now. We really need to make Forestry Tasmania and the Tasmanian government know that logging these areas is unacceptable.

Photo: Lisa Searle

Apart from adjusting the sit and some rigging, and a few hours spent in 'the office' (I say office but really I am exactly the same place as always) with phone calls, texts, emails etc, I have managed to have a game of scrabble today. One of my friends climbed up for a visit and we had a treacherous, windy game of scrabble and managed not to drop any pieces! She beat me by a whisker but it was a good game.
Forestry Tasmania have just arrived for a visit. Drove slowly past the base of my tree taking photos but didn't really stop to talk. We have been wondering when they would show up. We must be causing a bit of a nuisance for them, and I suspect they know that we have the potential to be even more annoying if chainsaws and bulldozers and log trucks start rolling in.

Photo: Lisa Searle

We would love to have more people out here, if you want to come and find us get in touch with Jenny at the Bob Brown Foundation.

Tarkine National Park NOW!!!!

Dr Lisa Searle, Conservationist in the threatened Frankland forests.

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