Day 17 in the Tarkine Canopy Vigil – Frankland River forests

Photo: Laurie Davison

Back home again in my tree. The amazing Claire came down today after 5 days in the tree with pretty wobbly legs! She was very happy to be on the ground, take off the harness, and have a swim in the incredible Frankland River. And I have again taken her place for another week up here on this tiny 2x1m platform.

It is amazing to be back and I am so happy that we are still here, 17 days in and going strong!

Night is falling around me and the sky is darkening to navy blue with just a tinge of orange clinging to the horizon. I always put off pulling the tarp over me until the last minute as it feels wrong to be up here in the canopy but not be able to see the stars, the moon, the faint silhouettes of branches around me. Sometimes I take the risk and sleep without my 'roof' on, knowing I will wake at the first raindrops hitting my face and have to frantically waterproof my platform before me and all my gear gets wet. I think it's worth that risk tonight.

I have such a strange feeling of living this double life at the moment, from my day-to-day work in the land of rural General Practice, to this life in a tree in the Tarkine. So incongruent and yet both so much a part of me.

A lovely local couple are here for the night and brought dinner out for us, which is such a welcome treat. Ratatouille and potato salad. Delicious. I devoured it while savouring the last rays of sunshine. Having support from local people is so encouraging and keeps us going out here.

Lisa Searle

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