Day 16 in the Tarkine Canopy Vigil – Frankland River forests

Happy International Women's Day! Be Bold for Change!


For all the women around the planet taking Action for Earth - thank you. For all the men who are taking Action for Earth, working with women with respect and solidarity - thank you.

Here are just some of the women who are taking Action for Tarkine right now in the threatened Frankland River forests and back in the offices of Hobart and Melbourne to call for the protection of these ancient threatened forests.





From the Tarkine Canopy Vigil this morning some words from our treesitter, Claire Anderson.
"Happy International Women's Day!

Today I am celebrating the women who have fought for environmental justice throughout history and across the Earth in countless ways, the women who preceded me in the vigil sit, the women on the ground who are holding strong, the women campaigning for takayna in the cities and towns, the women who are supporting the campaign in any way.

I am celebrating feminine strength. I am celebrating my mother. I am celebrating the women in my life who care for me and challenge me and keep my inner fire lit. I am celebrating women who stand up every day against oppression and women who's circumstances mean they cannot. I am also celebrating the men who engage with ecological protection in a critical, feminist manner, who make space for women, act as allies and are committed to being aware of and undoing their privileges in our patriarchal world.

Viva Grandmother Earth!"



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