Day 13 in the Tarkine Canopy Vigil – Frankland River forests

A new conservationist and passionate woman has climbed into the Tarkine canopy vigil for the coming days.

Photo: Claire Anderson

Logging was due to start in February in the ancient Frankland River, Tarkine forests!

First day of holding vigil in the treetops! I would like to firstly acknowledge the takayna people and the thousands of years of co-inhabitance and management of this exquisite forest and river system that I've been privileged enough to spend the last few days wandering through.

This is my first time in takayna and I'm in awe of this ancient place, I've been camping in a gully among some huge myrtles, nestled in the sphagnum moss. It's been beautiful spending time peering closely at the ferns, mosses, lichens and insects which I'm thinking about now sitting high in this peppermint  gazing out at the treetops and distant mountains, the vastness of this wilderness and the tiny, complex intricacies of its ancient ecosystems.

We have spent the last couple of days on the ground getting to know the lay of the land better and looking for the hollow where the masked owl that danced in the air above our heads a couple of nights ago lives, we have heard its call every evening as it leaves its hollow  and are looking for scats below the huge number of hollow bearing habitat trees in the proposed logging coupes.

The sun has just come out after a chilly morning and is hitting the hammock, a very welcome new addition!  Feeling very grateful for the two amazing, staunch women that preceded me in the vigil sit and for the other beautiful folk who I've met since arriving last week, who I am watching laugh and talk while they cook around the campfire below, we stand against incredible odds but we are cultivating something very special here in the bush.

Claire Anderson

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  • Narelle Jarvis
    commented 2017-03-08 13:30:36 +1100
    Claire, I declare you International Woman of the Year! Thank you, wonderful person!