Day 12 in the Tarkine Canopy Vigil – Frankland River forests


Had such a great day today. Peaceful, calm, no unwelcome visitors, and beautiful clear skies. The ground crew did an amazing mission paddling an inflatable raft down a section of the Frankland River to have a look, take photos and see how feasible it is as a paddling route. They had a great time and got some beautiful shots of the threatened forest from the river. A couple of budding riggers came up for a visit as well and we had a 3-person game of scrabble up the sit! Also rigged up a hammock 20m off the ground and spent some quality time lounging around in it.


Being here in this forest by ourselves and being able to appreciate it in peace and quiet gives a strange and false sense of security. It is hard to believe that if we weren't here, there may already be the screech of chainsaws and the roar of heavy machinery ripping through this forest and silencing all the creatures that call this place home. I can't imagine these trees crashing to the ground, can't imagine the terrible vacuous silence that follows when the machines switch off for the day. How can that happen here? So much powerful destruction, and for what?


The more time I spend here the deeper the love I feel for this place becomes. It is such a powerful place and I can feel it taking hold of me. I will not let these forests fall without a fight!

Lisa Searle

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