Day 11 in the Tarkine Canopy Vigil – Frankland River forests

Lisa Searle and Emma Wasson. Photo: Lisa Searle

So after a few days on the ground back at work (both the staff and my patients were very happy to see me back, which was nice), I am back up in the tree. It is amazing to be back. Climbed up at sunrise and said goodbye to the amazing Jess, who was reluctant to come down and sad to leave but was very excited to be back on the ground and enjoyed the novelty of using her legs by running circles around the camp!

Yesterday when I arrived back at camp I took advantage of my time on the ground to go and have a swim in the incredible Frankland River, which you can't see from the treesit. It was so beautiful. Cool, tannin-stained water rippling over the rocks, with celery top pines, native laurel, and leatherwood stooping low along the banks. Ran into some journalists from Griffith university who were here visiting whilst we were down at the river and did an impromptu interview with them.

I am so excited to be back here and so happy that we are well into Week 2 and going strong. Morale around camp is high, with lots of laughter from the ground floating up to the treesit through the day, and conversations around the campfire stretching well into the night.

I had a special visitor today, Emma Wasson, the Bob Brown Foundation's Melbourne campaigner. She climbed up and spent an hour or so up here with me chatting about the Tarkine and our ongoing battle to save it. We recorded some footage and took some photos to take back to Melbourne. Sounds like there are loads of passionate people in Victoria who really want to see this place saved and I felt so encouraged by Emma's stories of local community groups forming and taking action.

Emma Wasson. Photo: Lisa Searle

It's such a beautiful day today and the sun is shining. Lots more visitors heading in over the next couple days, but more are always welcome! If u want to drop in and stay for a few hours or a few days (or longer!) get in touch.

Lisa Searle.

You can visit the camp - contact Jenny at BBF, [email protected]

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